Welcome to Eyes On Trauma

Created from a lived experience perspective, Eyes On Trauma aims to raise awareness of complex trauma, childhood abuse and emotional flashbacks in the context of mental health and trauma-informed care. ?

You can find information and resources on this website to help you explore these topics further. I (Eleanor) created these using a mix of my own lived experience insights and scientific research. I hope you find them useful whether for yourself, to help someone you care about or to improve your professional practice. ⛑️

I also offer lived experience consultancy to organisations and researchers looking to gain a trauma-informed insight. ? ? I’m part of a lived experience advisory group and am seeking funding for a PhD.

I created these emotional flashback cards to share widely – make sure you download your free set! ?


An introduction to Eyes On Trauma

Complex Trauma

Discover more about complex trauma and its misdiagnosis

Emotional Flashbacks

Understand emotional flashbacks and how to manage them

Emotional Flashback Cards

Download a free set of emotional flashback flashcards

Lived Experience

Eyes On Trauma offers lived experience consultancy

Academic Research

Read about my academic interests and research proposal

Trauma-Informed Care

Advocating for trauma-informed approaches to healing


Sharing lived experience insights and anecdotes via our blog

Other Resources

Creative posters, infographics, book reviews and other links

“I created Eyes On Trauma after realising I had experienced complex trauma in my childhood, and a subsequent lifetime of misdiagnosis from professionals. After finally discovering the answers for myself, I can see how scandalous this is and how ineffective the western medical model of treating ‘mental health’ is. I have to share what I have found with the world.” 

– Eleanor, founder of EyesOnTrauma.org

Do you have a lived experience you’d like to share with us? A story of misdiagnosis to get off your chest? Found a useful resource you’d like to share? Or maybe a question about something you’ve read here? ? Please get in touch with us.