Welcome to Eyes On Trauma

Created from a lived experience perspective, Eyes On Trauma aims to raise awareness of complex trauma, integenerational & epigenetic trauma, childhood sexual abuse and emotional flashbacks in the context of mental health and trauma-informed care.

The information and resources on this website will help you explore these topics further, using a mix of my own lived experience insights and scientific research. I hope you find it useful whether for yourself, to help someone you care about or for your professional practice. ⛑️ I also offer lived experience consultancy to organisations and researchers. I’m part of a few lived experience advisory groups, and am seeking funding for a PhD.

Emotional Flashback Cards

I create emotional flashback cards to share widely, inspired by Pete Walker’s book ‘Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving’. They’re available for free download, or to buy a printed set in the new online shop:

Set of printed Emotional Flashback Cards - classic psychedelic design



An introduction to Eyes On Trauma

Complex Trauma

Discover more about complex trauma and misdiagnosis

Emotional Flashbacks

Understand emotional flashbacks and how to manage them

Emotional Flashback Cards

Download a free set of emotional flashback cards

Lived Experience

Eyes On Trauma offers lived experience consultancy

Academic Research

My academic interests and PhD research proposal

Set of printed Emotional Flashback Cards - classic psychedelic design

Online Shop

Now available to buy – printed sets of emotional flashback cards


Sharing lived experience insights and anecdotes

Other Resources

Research papers, posters, infographics, book reviews and other links

“I created Eyes On Trauma after realising I had experienced complex trauma in my childhood, and a subsequent lifetime of misdiagnosis from professionals. After finally discovering the answers for myself, I can see how scandalous this is and how ineffective the western biomedical model of treating ‘mental health’ is. I have to share what I have found with the world.” 

– Eleanor, founder of EyesOnTrauma.org

Do you have a lived experience you’d like to share? A story of misdiagnosis to get off your chest? Found a useful resource? Or a question about something you’ve read here? Please get in touch with me.