3rd Kindling Space was Full-Moon Magic!

We did it! On Friday evening we held an absolutely awesome 3rd Kindling Space meeting. The magic continues.

This time 6 of us held space together around the fire, 4 of us had been to a meet-up before, and 2 of us were new. And this time, we stayed there for 6 hours! 

First of all we had to use some teamwork to move our new firewood, which we have managed to find sponsorship for. Big thanks to Leah from The Old Rec Cafe at Hove Park, Darren from Art & OAK and Danielle for these generous donations of firewood which should keep us going for a few more weeks, especially as it starts to turn really cold.

Fire lit, we sat around in the glow of the flickering flames, getting to know our new members and catching up with those who’ve been to a meeting before. 

We also spent some time talking through our new Group Aims, Values & Ground Rules, which we think are important to have now we are growing. I will share these with you in a separate post, and would love to hear your thoughts.

Not forgetting it was the Full Moon, we wrote some reflections on paper and threw them into the fire together! Of course, the giant marshmallows made another appearance. 

We also discovered we have a breathwork teacher, Charlotte L (aka Stardust), amongst us, who has very kindly offered to run a session for us to help her qualify. In the end we stayed until midnight, spending 6 hours in each others’ company. Worlds better than a 50-minute therapy session.

We have now had 3 Kindling Space meetings, and the impact it is having already is absolutely amazing. I am working on launching a small crowdfunder soon, to cover some costs as we begin to grow, enabling us to reach & help more of our peers. Keep your eyes out for a link to this soon.

I can’t wait to confirm this week’s session and send out the invites to you all, keeping up this momentum we have so beautifully built together already.

I hope to see you round the fire very soon! ??✨

P.S. Also just want to give a big shout-out to Charlotte H who has joined us for all 3 meetings so far, and very kindly gave lifts to three others in our group on Friday, in addition to picking up firewood earlier in the day. It’s this kind of spirit which makes this group the magical thing it already is, and is so appreciated. Thank you Charlotte. 

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