Kindling Space #2

Our 2nd Kindling Space meeting happened at the weekend and the magic continued. ✨

Kindling Space is a brand new non-clinical, trauma-informed healing space in nature. Around the campfire, under the stars, alongside peers who really understand.

I’ve realised I’m not alone in needing this. So we are building it, and it has begun.

Last week we held our first Kindling Space meeting, and 7 of us held space together around the campfire. It was absolutely amazing, empowering, awesome, inspiring, and the beginning of something extremely special.

We have kept the ball rolling, and this weekend saw our 2nd meeting take place. We were a smaller group this time, 3 of us (plus dog ?) sharing a beautiful evening around the fire. 

We’re mastering our fire-making skills, and made ourselves comfy with lots of blankets.

We chatted about the things that are normally impossible to share, and discussed plans for how we want to grow Kindling Space further. ?

We cooked delicious food together over the fire… sausages, halloumi, red pepper, bread, chutney, followed by homemade cake & GIANT marshmallows ?

The time flew by – we held space together for 5 hours. It’s just so magical to be in the company of new friends who really understand, in such a beautiful nature setting, the crackling glow of the fire keeping us warm, owls hooting in the trees. We definitely found our ‘flow state’. ??

I hoped that a Saturday session might be more accessible than a weekday, but quite a few of our new members weren’t able to come this time. I understand lots of us find our energy levels empty by the weekend. 

To be honest, I was also feeling very tired, but the smaller group turned out to be exactly what we needed. The universe always knows what’s right, if only we let it work its magic.✨

We also decided to host our 3rd Kindling Space on Friday, 19th Nov which is also, of course, the Full Moon. ?

If you’re local to Brighton & would like to join us, you are welcome. 

In one way or another, the magic will continue. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Kindling Space & beyond. This is just the beginning.

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