Website update

Hi folks

Just a short note to say that I’ve been working on the website today, and have updated some of the content.

The About page has been given a complete overhaul; I re-wrote the entire page and have added some new links to the bottom, helping readers to understand how Eyes On Trauma is useful to them. I have also shared some extra information about my own lived experiences – and taken some away. It always feels hard for me to know how much or how little to share, and from what sort of perspective or voice to write it from.

In fact, that’s why I decided to start a blog on this website too. I have always been a keen writer, but one thing I have struggled with is knowing how much or how little emotion to include. I now see this is just another result of my childhood trauma, leaving me feeling unsure about the validity and appropriateness of my emotions. I also struggle a lot with the inner critic’s constant strive for perfectionism and feeling like I’ve said the wrong thing (I wonder where that comes from!) or have made a mistake.

So I decided to create a blog. The website is for the static resources, and this is for… well, writing things for fun, like I used to do and haven’t done for years. Here I can be imperfect. Here I talk about emotions. Here I don’t have to write a masterpiece every time.

Hear hear to that!


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