Book Cover: Complex PTSD - Pete Walker

Book Review: Complex PTSD – Pete Walker

A must-read book about Complex PTSD, very accessible, and with practical advice. ?✨

Title:Complex PTSD: From Surviving To Thriving
Author:Pete Walker

This was the first book I ever read which talked about complex PTSD and emotional flashbacks in such accessible and easy-to-understand terms. It changed my life. Everyone who has any interest or relationship with complex trauma should read this book. And if you can only read one book to start with, this is also a good one to go for.

There is a lot of scientifically validated information and research here. Walker, also with lived-experience of CPTSD, has presented and explained everything in a way which will finally give you some answers after a lifetime of searching.

The Americanism and sometimes under-par formatting lets it down a little, it’s no literary masterpiece and ‘which trauma type are you?’ style quiz can take the tone down a little, but the accessible context and delivery is life-changing.

In fact, this book inspired me to create the emotional flashback cards you can now download for free here. I asked Pete for his approval and he is very happy to support my work here. Thanks Pete! ??

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