Welcome to the Poster Page. Here you will find a collection of posters I have been designing, to help raise awareness of complex trauma and the specific issues faced by survivors. I hope that the posters help you understand more about complex trauma, and inspire you to share the message about awareness + misdiagnosis.

It would also be pretty cool to go out in our local communities, and organise some guerilla-flyering events where we stick the posters up in our local GPs, schools, hospitals and therapy clinics. If you see any of our posters out in the wild, or stick any up yourself, send us a photo!

Inspired to make your own posters? I’d love to see & share yours here too. You can use a digital app like Canva or Photoshop, or pencil, paper and a scanner! The more people who know about this the better, so please feel free to share the posters online. You can link back to for more information.

Please help us spread the word about complex trauma by sharing the posters far and wide, online + offline