New Page: Healing & Therapy

Just a short blog update to let you know I’ve been working on the Healing & Therapy page today. It was just a skeleton page before with some bullet points about different types of therapy I was going to introduce, in relation to healing from complex trauma.

Instead, I have re-written the page into three sections:

  1. Therapy
  2. Alternative Therapy
  3. Community & Nature
  4. Peer Support

I talk about each of these and their role in healing from experiences of severe mental distress and complex trauma.

I also changed the name of the page – it was previously called ‘Healing & Recovery’.

I realise that I have become particularly sensitive to the words used to talk about trauma and the journey around it. It took me nearly three decades to find the right words to use about my own lived experiences, and I realise that not knowing these words to use was all part of the problem.

And now, I have a particular problem with the word recovery!

For many people with lived experience of complex trauma, we don’t have a pre-trauma-self to ‘recover to’. If we experienced childhood trauma at a very young age, our brains will have been wired differently our whole lives. We don’t have a pre-trauma-self to go back to. We have to start from scratch, often whilst already well into our adulthood, a lifetime of distress already behind us.

So, welcome to the Healing & Therapy page.