Book Review: The Hidden Life of Trees – P. Wohlleben

Title:The Hidden Life of Trees:
What They Feel, How They Communicate
Author:Peter Wohlleben

Trees? A book about trees, on a website about trauma? Yep. I think that one of the systemic reasons behind trauma includes the loss of community and connection with nature that humans have evolved to rely upon.

This book gives us wonderful insights into the hidden life of trees – you’ll never be able to look at one in the same way again.

Alongside sheer entertainment and education factor, this book is particularly great to read if you’re on a bit of a recovery journey right now. It remind us how powerful nature is, how much compassion is present within nature, and how all of the reasons for everything to do with life are there all along.

There are so many parallels you can draw to your own journeys with complex trauma. This book really empowers you to embrace the awe-inspiring force no greater than nature.

And, it goes some way to putting our lives into perspective and bringing out a greater mindful consciousness – some trees are hundreds and hundreds of years old.

So, there’s no better cliche: we all need to get back to our roots, and this book is a great way to take a break from the trauma books but still be inspired.

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