Trauma in the Media

There are lots of examples of non-trauma informed practice and care in the media around us. Every day I read something on social media, hear something on the radio or watch something online which illustrates the broad lack of awareness around complex trauma.

Public & Professionals

Not only is this within the public, but often these media items include health care professionals and researchers.

For example, a Netflix documentary about young offender institutes clearly showed the wardens taking non-trauma informed approaches, continuing the patterns of abuse young people had already experienced.

In another example, a Radio 4 program psychiatry historian expert admits that in 100 years, we will look back in horror at diagnoses we are giving today – yes! Bingo! But we don’t need to wait 100 years. We can make the change that we need today.

Trauma-Informed Care & Practice

A good place to start with that change is here. Trauma-informed care and practice. It would be easy to recognise the underlying trauma in all of these instances, instead providing trauma-informed care and practice.

To highlight this, we are curating a collection of media articles which show a lack of trauma-informed care & practice. Suggestions are made as to how these situations could be better approached by professionals and the media.

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